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Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa - January 30, 2000
Last updated by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy - December 13, 2002

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HSR (Hidden Surface Removal) - HyperZ

HSR (Hidden Surface Removal) - The ability of the CPU (or T&L engine) to toggle rendering of hidden objects. HSR is any technique used to *not* render hidden surfaces, such as the backside of a box in Quake3 or the wall behind a box that is not shown on the screen.

H3D (3D glasses) - Although H3D Media is no longer in business (and its old web site now points to a web cam pornography site), the concept lives on. "Stereoscopic 3D Vision" was a somewhat successful attempt at bringing true 3D to a quasi-flat CRT. The glasses worked to enhance 3D by alternating vision of the left and right eye (by blacking out vision to the other eye). This concept, though simple, proved effective to enhance the realism of certain games. However, poor marketing and a general lack of interest killed the concept, at least temporarily. The product lives on through Wicked3D. See our old review here.

HydraVision - ATI's technology that allows users to have multiple-monitors on a single card is called "HydraVision". It's similar to Matrox's DualHead feature with some differences. See ATI's Hydravision site for specifics.

HyperTransport - AMD's technology for interconnecting ICs (integrated circuits) on a motherboard is called HyperTransport. AMD writes: "It can be significantly faster than a PCI bus for an equivalent number of pins. HyperTransport was previously codenamed Lightning Data Transport, or LDT."

HyperZ - ATI's technology that is essentially a form of hidden surface removal. ATI claims that HyperZ eliminates non-displayed objects from the z-buffer, which could optimize memory usage and increase fill-rate. This technique is especially effective at high resolutions and color-depths. HyperZ also compresses the z-buffer which preserves memory bandwidth. At the time of this update, HyperZ II was available and HyperZ III was on its way.

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