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Windows 2000 Tweak Guide (Page 2/4)

Posted: May 29, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

TweakUI Continued...

- Mouse Tab

There are several tweaks that can be done under the mouse tab. The first that I would recommend would have to be that you set the menu speed to the far left, which puts it to its fastest setting. There is no point in adding extra lag to an already lumbering OS, no matter how much better it is than Win9x. I would also recommend that you set both of the settings underneath mouse sensitivity to as low as you feel comfortable. Personally, I leave double-click at 2 (I'm a lazy clicker) and drag to one. You can also enable/disable your mouse's wheel from this panel - if you have one, leave it enabled, otherwise disable it. The only other settings under this tab are the ones that have to deal with X-Mouse. Unless you are an old X Window user, I recommend leaving that feature disabled as it eats up a bit of resources.

- General Tab

Under the general tab, there is a whole list of 'effects' that can be used by the operating system. Some of them are quite cool looking, but they hog system resources - and as such I recommend that you disable all of them. The only other setting in this panel is the prevent focus stealing setting. I really like this feature and I recommend that anyone who hates it when your email client (or whatever other popup program you have) takes over your screen when you are typing (causing you to either lose focus or even occasionally ok something you didn't want it to) to enable it.

- Explorer Tab

Under the explorer tab, there are a few usability settings, but nothing that has any real effect on your system. The only thing I would recommend doing while in this tab would be to disable the "Manipulate connected files as a unit" setting - it could really mess you up in the long run if you start deleting stuff that is linked to something else.

- Internet Explorer (IE) Tab

Setting up this section is pretty complicated because it is just a long list of configurable settings, and many of them, once again, are personal preferences and not anything that could affect the speed of your OS. There are, however, two settings which you should consider changing. I would definitely recommend that you enable the "detect accidental double-clicks" setting - it can save you some trouble in the long run, and I would also consider disabling the "Shell Enhancements" setting to free up some memory. The latter setting deals mostly with the quick launch menu on your Taskbar.

- CMD Tab

This tab allows for filename and directory completion from the command line. If you don't use the command line very often, or just don't feel you need to mess around with this UNIX-like setting, leave it alone. However, I have been told that it can be very useful for hardcore system administrators that want as much control as possible over the system.

- Desktop Tab

You can use this tab to set up special file desktop options rather than the default dynamic ones. Personally, I have found this section pretty worthless except for when the computer won't let me get rid of Network Neighborhood (now called My Network Places) when I'm not on a network.

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