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Windows 2000 Tweak Guide (Page 3/4)

Posted: May 29, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Even More TweakUI...

- My Computer Tab

The only really useful setting on this panel would have to be the ability to change the location of some of the systems "special folders," which can be useful if you are dual booting a computer and want the system to read the same Documents folder for both OSes.

- Control Panel Tab

You can use this tab to make some of your control panel applets invisible. Useful if you have another user on the system that shouldn't be messing with them, but otherwise not a lot to this tab.

- Logon Tab

From this tab you can set up your computer to automatically log on for you if you haven't figured out how to set this using the Users and Passwords applet. Other than that, there is not a lot here.

- New Tab

You can use this tab to configure the New submenu when you right click on something.

- Repair Tab

If you are having random incidents of not being able to open programs that you could before, your hotkeys doing weird things, etc - you can fix some of those problems with this tab.

- Paranoia Tab

Most of the settings in this panel don't really have a lot to do with tweaking, but you can disable audio and data CD autoplay in here - which is a really good thing to do if you switch CDs for browsing and not their autorun screens.


Download 128-bit encryption as fast as you can. And, believe it or not, for the time being anyway, people outside the US can get it. How's that, you might ask? Well, the Superior Court of California declared that the encryption export restrictions were an illegal form of prior restraint. Yippie! After you download the update, though, make sure you grab the patch for it too (Windows Update).


Definitely go to this site and download all of the applicable updates for your system. Even though there aren't as many bugs in Win2k as there are in Win9x, there still are a lot - so check this site out often. If you have problems with it, or are uncomfortable downloading updates in this manner, you can also grab 'most' of the updates from [].

Removing POSIX and OS2 Support

POSIX is a government standard that is required of all operating systems that are sold to, well, the government. However, seeing that 99.999% of Win2K users will never need this, we can disable it and free up a seemingly miniscule amount of system memory. To disable it, go into your winnt/system32 directory and rename OS2.exe, OS2SRV.exe, PSXSS.EXE, OS2SS.exe, and POSIX.exe to,,,, and respectively.

Just to let you know, by disabling this feature you will not be able to run any programs that require POSIX and/or OS2 support. I have not had any trouble with it personally, but I have been told that a few of the tools on the Resource Kit CD require it. However, because Microsoft did such a shoddy job of supporting POSIX/OS2 support anyway, it shouldn't matter much.

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