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Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide (Page 3/4)

Posted: May 7, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Game, Input, and Network Preferences Cont.

Under the Input preferences tab you can adjust things like mouse sensitivity (put it up as high as you can stand) and mouse smoothing. Mouse smoothing, at a very minor cost of framerate, will make the game ‘feel’ quite a bit smoother and it is generally preferred by just about everyone. You can also turn on instant rocket fire in this menu – but that is kind of a cheat and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Under the network tab make sure the Internet Connection setting is set appropriately so that you will have as little lag as possible on Internet games.

Audio, Controls, and HUD preferences

In the audio tab, there are some very cool features you can enable. Auto-taunt is really cool, and allowing mature taunts is even cooler (assuming you are so inclined). While you are in here, you can enable Hardware 3D sound (disable this if you are in need of a higher frame rate – it’s very CPU intensive) as well as Surround Sound (Dolby Digital) if you’ve got a decoder.

In the controls section you can…mess around with the key layout. I personally prefer the Q3-style keyboard layout to the standard UT one, and this is where to change it. Under the HUD tab you can configure your HUD (obviously) and change stuff like your crosshair – nothing really big but it is important for some people.

Advanced Options

To get into the advanced options menu, you need to get into the console (either the tilde [~] or from the pull down menu) and type in preferences. From there you have a bazillion different settings that you can tweak out to your hearts content – I will try to focus on the important ones (that aren’t covered by the standard preferences menu already).

- Advanced – Under the advanced section of the Advanced Options (kind of redundant IMHO, but oh well) there is a setting called CacheSizeMegs (under the Game Engine Settings subheading). The standard setting for this is 4. Like Unreal, raising or even lowering this setting, depending on your system, can increase performance.
- Audio – Under audio, I would recommend enabling CD Audio if it isn’t already selected – this should make the background music sound better and will use less computer resources to boot.
- Display – Under display you can enable a feature called CurvedSurfaces, which enables, well, curved surfaces. If you’ve got a 3dfx card and a decent processor, you can try this out for some visual quality improvement, but it is unlikely to work very well on D3D.
- Rendering – there are four main subsections here that should be tweaked – you should only tweak the one that you are currently using for UT.
+ 3dfx Glide Support – Make sure that the DisableVsync setting is set to true and that your refresh rate is set to how you like it. The default, 60 Hz, is way too low – you should have it set to at least 80 if your monitor supports it at that resolution.

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