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Posted: May 12, 2001
Written by: Dustin "TimmyC" Jones


Tribes 2, the sequel to one of the most successful team-based shooters of all time was released to some heavy criticism by the gaming public. While some loved it, many others hated it. Whether old school Tribes fanatic or just casual gamer, the release of Tribes 2 did not go as smoothly as expected.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you own Tribes 2. If you do, you know the problems that riddled the game. Crashes, bad performance, inability to work with 3DFX cards, and many other things made even a quick skirmish a painful experience. Fortunately, the many, many patches released fixed a lot of the bugs, but things still weren't a-ok in the world of Tribes 2.

Thankfully, this is Tweak3D, and tweaking's what we do best! So why are you still hanging around at this introduction? You can't read that fast eh? Well, hurry up; we're going to make your Tribes 2 more enjoyable! That's what you want isn't it? Well then, let's go!




Before you get started, I suggest you read our many tweak guides to get your system up to speed, because there's no point in tweaking a game on an un-tweaked system. Also, regular driver updates are very important. If you haven't updated your video, sound, etc. drivers, there's a good chance the new releases will speed your system up considerably, and fix lots of problems, including some you may be having in this particular game. Go update!

Speaking of patches, Tribes 2 has seen its fair share. Don't worry about searching around for updates though, all you need to do is run the Tribes 2 Multiplayer version and it will automatically search, find the best mirror, download and install it for you. Pretty simple (good idea Dynamix!). If you're on a modem or just don't feel like running the auto update feature, you can get the patches at Sierra's website.

Dynamix's minimum requirements for Tribes 2 are as follows: (Taken from the game box)

CPU: 300MHz
Ram: 64MB
HD Space: 531MB
CD-ROM: 4x
Soundcard: DirectSound-Compatible (DirectInput game controllers supported)
Video card: 12MB or better Video Card

Keep in mind, those are the minimum requirements for the game, which basically means that you can play the game, but I guarantee it won't be very enjoyable. I personally recommend the following to play the game at a decent resolution and with enjoyable graphical quality:

CPU: 600MHz
Ram: 128MB
Video Card: A 32MB 3D video card, ie. GeForce, Radeon, TNT2, etc.

If you've got a system with those type of specs, it'll be much more enjoyable than if you had the minimum recommendations. That's not to say that if you don't meet my requirements, you can't play; that's what tweaking is all about!

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