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Rune Tweak Guide (Page 3/5)

Posted: November 3, 2000
Written by: James Kennedy

Video Settings (cont.)

Mesh Complexity

Mesh complexity controls how detailed the player character, the enemies, and a few map objects are. Turning this down should give you a speed increase as the game has fewer polygons that it must render in each frame. For whatever reason, this option didn't speed the game up for me, but your results may vary. You can turn it all the way down to 0 but then the characters are just a mess of polygons.

Player Shadows/Actor Shadows

This setting controls the detail level of the player character and also the enemies' shadows. Setting this to projected shadows gives you a big hit in speed, but gives you a much more accurate and cooler looking shadow. I'd recommend setting this to blob shadows, as it is quick while still displaying a simple shadow, which makes it easier to time Ragnar's jumps and get a general feel of your orientation. I took screenshots to illustrate the difference, Projected is on the right while Blob is the the left.

Show Decals

Decals are the little extras you see while playing Rune, such as Ragnar's footsteps while he walks or jumps in certain areas, or the marks that weapons make on the walls. Turning this off gives a little speed boost, and after a while you won't even notice that it is off.

Fractal Animation

This controls the animation of the water textures and other liquid textures. Turning this off didn't really give me much of a speed increase. Another concern I had with turning this setting off is that it didn't seem to turn the animation off for all of the liquids - just a select few. I just leave this one on.

World Lighting

If you turn world lighting off, the whole level becomes void of any shadows, and appears filled by one generic light. It runs much quicker turning this off but I wouldn't recommend it unless you really need the extra speed as it makes the game look horrible. Here are a few shots to illustrate the vast difference. World lighting is on in the left picture while off on the right.

Dynamic LIghting

No matter what I tried I couldn't see a benefit from turning this off or on. The setting didn't seem to do what it implied which is to take away the dynamic lighting on characters and enemies in either OpenGL or Direct3D mode. Just leave it on; I did, and didn't notice a speed difference either way.

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