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Rune Tweak Guide (Page 4/5)

Posted: November 3, 2000
Written by: James Kennedy

Audio Settings

Now we will move on the audio settings. There are a few tweaks here that can really affect performance.

Sound Quality

Turning sound quality to high will give you higher quality sounds and voices, but will of course be slower (more CPU and memory intensive) than the low setting... I usually set this to the low setting as you can't really notice too much of a difference between how low and the high settings for sound.

Use 3D Audio Hardware Card

Turn this on if you have one of those new fangled 3D sound cards, but you may take a performance hit. If you don't have a 3D sound card then don't even bother, as the CPU hit really isn't worth it.

Surround Sound

If your hardware supports it, you can enable Surround Sound for some superior sounding game sounds and music. This too can be CPU intensive depending on your decoder card, and if you don't have the proper hardware it can make the game sound horrible so use with care.

Game Settings

There are a few settings in this section that can affect performance, although nothing critical.

Gore Level

The gore level is the amount of blood and guts that spills from an enemy or from yourself should you happen to die. Just like in other games, turning this to a lower setting will be quicker, especially if you are involved in a huge massacre of enemies, which happens so often in Rune.

Pain Flashes

Although this doesn't really affect performance, I thought it might be worth mentioning. Pain Flashes occur when you take damage of any kind. I would recommend leaving this on because if you don't pay attention to your HUD as much as you should (like myself) then you can take damage sometimes and not even realize it. By leaving this on, the whole screen will flash when you take damage causing you to take note.

Amount of Debris

This setting controls the amount of debris that is generated whenever you destroy an object such as a barrel or a wall. Turning this down will speed things up a little bit, but really only until the object disappears.

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