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Rogue Spear Tweak Guide (Page 1/4)

Posted: September 12, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy


This guide was originally featured in Incite PC Gaming magazine. The reasons why I waited so long to post this guide online cannot be disclosed, but let me assure you I only posted this guide for those people out there that still play this game. Despite how old it is, Rogue Spear is a good game and it is still vastly popular (especially online). I apologize for how simple this guide is, but as I mentioned, it was written for Incite PC Gaming magazine and they requested it to be written in extreme newbie format. Enjoy!


The first step to tweaking Rogue Spear for optimal performance is the installation. In the Rogue Spear Setup program, it will ask what type of setup you prefer. The three choices are Compact, Full, and Typical. We recommend that you install with the Full option if hard drive space is available. If you don't plan to watch the movies or you don't have the extra space, choose Typical installation. If you're extremely low on space, consider deleting or uninstalling some programs before trying to run Rogue Spear, because the Compact option will result in very long loading times.

Once the game has been installed, immediately update to the latest patch. To get the latest patch, go here. Patches include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other tweaks.


After Rogue Spear is installed, you can access the configuration screen by choosing the Start menu, Programs, Red Storm Entertainment, Rogue Spear, then "Configure Rogue Spear". If you chose to put the shortcuts in a different folder, access the "Configure Rogue Spear" choice from the folder.

Renderer - This option will configure your 3D accelerator graphics card. If you do not know what type of video card you have, leave this alone (Let Rogue Spear Choose). Otherwise, set it to your desired graphics card.

Sound - This option will setup any 3D API or sound card driver you have installed. Leave this alone unless you experience sound problems with Rogue Spear. If this happens, try setting this option to use DirectSound.

Show Movies - If you don't check this box, Rogue Spear will skip all movies. This will result in better load times and quicker access to the menus.

Once you're done with this menu, choose OK.

Start Rogue Spear and choose Options at the title screen.

General Tweaks

In the Game section of the Options menu, there are a couple options that can affect performance. Check the box next to Blood if you want blood to show on characters when you shoot them, and on the area around them. Disabling blood may boost performance slightly (there isn't much blood on RS anyhow).

If you disable the Record Mission option, you may have a bit more free memory and CPU power to play the game. We recommend that you try this if you have only a very small amount of RAM (16-32 MB), or you don't have much free memory.

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