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Samsung 1200NF

Posted: June 12, 2002
Written by: Adam Honek

Samsung 1200NF


With all the fine sounding sound cards, awesome 3D graphics, fast hard drives not to mention a multitude of game pads or joysticks what use would they serve if it wasn't for the monitor? Many overlook a monitor, and wrongly so. After all a monitor is our gateway to any computer, without it there would be no visual impact on our eyes thus no way of truly controlling what it (the computer) does. Nowadays users are spoiled for choice; it seems there is a monitor for every candy bar sold down at your nearest Walmart. Just as candy bars not all appear to taste too good, not all monitors are equal either. We dipped our hands into a well known company which persists in producing above average screens, or so the general opinion goes. Samsung is the name, one of the big boys worldwide and also one that sells one of the widest assortments of products. Dipping our hands into Samsung meant we brought something back to base to test out, namely the Samsung 1200NF monitor. This is a 22 inch CRT model destined for the demanding user, so let's take a closer look and see just how well the demands are met.

First Impressions

Being the size that it is the weight had to be on the heavier side. Indeed weighing in at 31.5KG it's not on a slim diet, however this in exchange offers a big image size, 20 inch viewable to be exact. PC's and PC components for some reason have fallen in love with being beige and this monitor keeps the tradition going. On the not so conservative side you do get a spot of this delicate blue in places, namely the OSD buttons and this curve which is visible at the top of the monitor. These both add the sense it's undoubtedly a Samsung, decorative styles like these have become a symbol since around 1996. The unit gives the impression of being well put together, the OSD panel itself slides out without any signs of being cheap. The depth of the monitor does ask for a little more than you're average model but this is perfectly standard as the size of the tube imposes such dimensions. At the read of the beige plastic we find 5 BNC connections, a standard HD-15 connection and a USB hub. The latter presents itself in the form of two upstream/downstream ports respectively. Hook up this monitor to one of your computers USB ports and you've just brought to life another four. Yes those of you who pay close attention to what I just said a few lines up are correct, on the rear there are only 2 USB ports. The good news is on the front we also get 2 ports which all together makes 4. The front two we particularly liked as they allow very quick use of smart media card readers or USB ZIP drives to name just two useful uses. The casing isn't too square itself as you normally find on Eizo monitors, in fact it harmonizes into curves approaching the rear. The ventilation holes present their own style too in the shape of arches either side. Over the years McDonald's have inspired many products, Samsung has put good ideas to good use. Overall you are greeted with a big unit which represents a worthy build quality and which also comes with the added bonus of a nice layout of USB ports.

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