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The Card Cooler's "Max Cool" Case (Page 2/3)

Posted: January 8, 2001
Written by: James Kennedy

What Makes it Different

The extras you get in the "Max Cool" package include:

o Four 120x25mm Low Speed (35.5 dba) Sunon Ball Bearing Fans
o One 92x25mm (33 dba) Sunon Ball Bearing Fan
o One 80x25mm (32.5 dba) Sunon Ball Bearing Fan
o Three Chrome Fan Grills
o Beautifully cut blow holes :)

The Case!

I'll skip the installation section of this review since it is essentially the same as our old review. The only differences are that this case has more fans than before, but they didn't get in the way of anything I put in the case, while still leaving plenty of breathing room.

Here are some shots of the case after installation. Also I included some close-up shots for your viewing pleasure. I hope to round off the IDE cables soon so I can improve airflow even more.

This is the airflow diagram off of

As you can see, there are a total of 4 fans blowing air into the case, two of which blow directly onto the CPU and system cards. There are two large fans blowing air out of the case, and two exhaust vents. This was more than enough to keep the inside of my case at room temperature, but if you still want even more cooling you can mount fans blowing into or out of the exhaust vents if you like.

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