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The Card Cooler's "Max Cool" Case (Page 3/3)

Posted: January 8, 2001
Written by: James Kennedy


Where to begin? Other than the case's one expected "flaw" (being pretty darn loud), here's what I observed:

o Great, roomy case
o Tons of unique features
o Easy to add and remove hardware
o 300w power supply easily powers all the fans and other peripherals
o Quality Card Cooler fan setup
o Superior airflow
o Professional looking cuts and setup
o Tons of penguins everywhere


Leave it to The Card Cooler to make a great product even better. Professionally cut holes and fans mounted with care put it over the top in my book. An experienced case modder would even be impressed by the quality. At first I thought the price was kind of high, but then I added up the costs of the case and all the fans. It came to right around what Card Cooler is charging (not including labor for cutting all those holes!). Don't get me wrong, this case isn't in everybody's price range, but all in all I love it. I don't know how I can possibly go back to a normal full-tower case now that I have been spoiled by the Max Cool case. If you can afford the best, I heartily recommend it.

Visit the Card Cooler here to see/purchase a Max Cool case.

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