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Posted: November 30th, 2001
Written by: Davey McWatters

There is very little difference in the looks of the IFeel Mouse and the Wheel Mouse Optical. The design is exactly the same, however the color is changed to grey for the IFeel Mouse. The mouse is designed for both right and left-handed consumers to use with ease. What can I say? I am not a fan of this design in any way shape or form. It simply is not comfortable in my hand while Iím using my computer. I previously had an Intellimouse Explorer and it kills the IFeel Mouse in comfort. I always find my finger accidentally clicking the right mouse button for some reason.

With the comfort issue out of the way lets move on to the feel part of this mouse. The very first time I used the mouse I ran over the icons on my desktop and thought to myself hmm my mouse pad feels dirty maybe I need to go wash it. The more I looked at the mouse pad I visibly saw no foreign substances. I then realized that it was the mouse vibrating. I didnít like it at first, so I though I would give it a couple days to see if it grows on me. It hasnít grown on me at all. I seriously see no use of this feature in my everyday mouse. My grandma might like it where she doesnít know much about computers and doesnít know what she can click. It would help someone like that. For everyday users like myself I wouldnít want this feature turned on. It can be rather annoying and bothersome to say the least. Immersionís technology is supported in a select few games. For a list of supported games check They also have a few free games for you to download which is a plus.

Other than an uncomfortable feel and rumble features that are useless to myself. The IFeel mouse has no tracking problems. I can move it across my mouse pad as fast as my hand can travel and it has no problems keeping up. The scroll wheel also has a nice feel to it. It has fairly large buttons that are very easy to press on accident. This could be a problem in some games if you have a rail gun that takes awhile to recharge you donít want to be accidentally clicking buttons. Another thing I did not like about the mouse was the cord. It was rather short compared to the cord my Intellimouse Explorer had. Now, I didnít get out a tape measure and measure them or anything but the IFeel cord was a few inches shorter.


For an estimated price of $39.95, I think this mouse is rather pricey. It is a decent mouse for everyday use so long as you donít use the vibration feature and can stand the shape. However, if you donít use the vibration feature what justifies paying for it over a cheaper optical mouse? In my opinion, nothing separates it from an ordinary mouse. I just have no use for the sense of feel this mouse provides in my everyday work. I wouldnít recommend you go out and purchase this mouse unless you really like things vibrating in your hand as you work.


  • Good tracking, cursor keeps up no matter how fast I move my hand.


  • The feel of the mouse. I realize it is designed for left and right-handed users but I would rather spend my money on a mouse that is designed for the right-hand simply because it feels much better to me.
  • The vibration feature really has no purpose for my everyday use. I didnít even care for it while I was gaming much less vibrating every time I point to a link.
  • Short USB cord.
Overall Score: 6/10

Final statement: I would not recommend you purchase this mouse. Logitech offers many other solutions that would be a better choice for an everyday computer user.

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