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Logitech Quickcam Cordless

Posted: March 21st, 2003
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods

The Camera

Let's face it, the camera looks like a cockatoo. Of course, this is due to the camera's antennae, which protrudes out from the top of the viewfinder. When I pulled it out of the box, my first thought was "Polly wants a cracker". Now, that's not to say I don't think it looks cool, I'm just saying that there is an amazing coincidence (too bad the camera isn't white)...It's a lot taller than other webcams, but is quiet narrow. When I first showed it to a friend of mine, the first thing he said was, "This is going to revolutionize the amateur adult website industry". It almost seems that the engineers at Logitech thought of this first and wanted camera a little less inconspicuous, and harder to hide if you catch my drift. Though, the other side of the coin is the more visible the camera is, the less likely someone is to do something stupid, like say rifle through the jewelry box on your dresser when your downstairs playing host at a party or something like that.

There are a few notable features about the camera, one being extremely explicit directions on how to install the battery. Rest assured, you won't have any confusion as the camera is now idiot proof. Looking at the inside of the camera housing with the battery cover off, you can easily see the orientation of the battery. I really appreciate this, as I can build a PC from parts in like 30 minutes, but cannot seem to get the batteries in my remote correctly on the first try. In any event, this is a cool feature and I wanted to make not of it. Let's move on shall we.

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