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Antec SX635 Review

Posted: January 15th, 2002
Written by: Tuan Huynh


Pros: Stylish, HD tray, drive rails, and PSU.
Cons: One 3.25inch Drivey bay must be used with floppy type device.
Verdict: Awesome Mid-Tower for $69 which many modding capabilities.

Whenever asking a case modder for a recommendation on a modifiable case, most of them usually recommend Antec cases. The reason for this is because Antec makes quality cases that are sturdy, perform very well, and are easily modifiable. Antec’s 1040 and 1040B have been very popular among case modders and will soon be used in Koolance’s new P2-602 pre-made water cooling system. Today, we’ll take a look at one of Antec’s newest products, the Antec 630/635 mid-tower ATX case.

Looking at the front of the case, the 630/635 features 3 5.25 inch drive bays for your CD-Rom or burner and 2 3.5 inch drive bays for your floppy drive or other devices of similar sizes. The power button is located towards the middle on the right side of the front bezel and is rather large. The reset button on the other hand is located directly under the floppy drive and is about ¼ the size of the power button. Both the power and hard drive LED’s are located on each side of the reset button and use the typical green LED for power and red LED for hard drive.

While there are 2 3.5 inch drive bays on the 630/635, the bottom was designed to be used for a floppy type device. This is where I have a gripe with the case, if you plan on using the case with an LS120 drive or a drive with a nearly flush eject button, it makes ejecting the disks a bit harder since the bottom 3.5inch bay was designed for a traditional

Other then that little flaw, or convenience for some people, the front bezel has a nice and clean design.

For mounting 3.5inch drives, Antec has designed the case to have a remove able bracket that uses thumbscrews. The bracket can be removed from the front by removing the top of the front bezel. This is a very good idea and saves you the hassle of removing both side panels and dropping the screws repeatedly while trying to mount a floppy drive.

Like the cases that came before it, the 630/635 features a lockable side panel with handle for those of you who are either too lazy to screw your case shut like myself, or are afraid your friends will be open up your computer and mess it

Opening up the left side panel reveals the inside of the case. On the inside, you’ll most likely notice the lavender fan brackets for exhaust and intake. Unlike its older brother the 1040/1040B, the 630/635 doesn’t include any 80mm fans for the brackets. On the bottom of the case, you’ll notice the 5.25inch drive mount rails. The rails make installing CD-Rom drives simple and hassle free.

While its bigger brother has a remove able motherboard tray, the 630/635 doesn’t, nonetheless installation of a motherboard was simple and hassle free.

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