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Antec SX635 Review

Posted: January 15th, 2002
Written by: Tuan Huynh


Pros: Stylish, HD tray, drive rails, and PSU.
Cons: One 3.25inch Drivey bay must be used with floppy type device.
Verdict: Awesome Mid-Tower for $69 which many modding capabilities.

Inside the hard drive tray, thereís a place for another 80mm fan to keep your hard drives cool.
Being very much like its older brother, the 630/635 features a remove able hard drive tray that locks and unlocks with a simple latch at the top of the tray.

Since the model I received was the SX635, it came with an Antec PP352X 350 Watt P4 compatible power supply. The power supply features 2 80mm fans on the back and on the bottom with fan grilles.

Antec makes quality power supplies that can rival manufacturers like Enermax; itís nice to see Antec not skimping on the power supply even though the price of the case is still relatively low.

Installation and Setup

Installation was relatively simple even with the lack of a motherboard tray. This didnít prove to be an obstacle since there was plenty of clearance to stick the motherboard in.

Installing the peripheral cards was simple like itíd be in any case, stick the card in, screw it in, and youíre done! Same thing goes for the hard drive, unlatch the drive cage, screw in your hard drive, and put the drive cage back in. The 5.25 drives are installed simply by installing the rails onto the drive and sliding the drive into the case.

Installing components in this case is very easy; the edges are rounded with nothing sharp to cut yourself against with everything worked out to make the task as simple as possible.


Antec has been well known for producing cases, their recent SX630/635 live up to their brand and reputation. Antec has taken their time to make the hard drive cage remove able and 5.25inch drives mountable via drive rails, this proves to be a convenience and lessens the mess youíd make while installing all the components. There are no sharp edges anywhere on the case making reaching into those small areas easy and painless. The SX630/635 is a fine example of a Mid-Tower case done right.

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