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AMK Services 3333-300 Computer Case (Page 2/3)

Posted: May 22, 2001
Written by: Chris Burek
ERP: $199.99 CDN (approx. $127.93 USD)
Available from AMK


Both side panels are removable, incorporating two screws each, and a hand groove. The motherboard tray also uses two screws for removal. Due to the lack of case manual or instructions, it took me a while to figure out how to remove the front bezel, which you’ll need to do in order to pop off the drive bay covers. While I thought I had to unscrew the bezel from the inside, I was informed that I was to squeeze the six thumb pins in order to remove it. Still, this was a tedious task, and I feel a different design for securing the bezel should have been used.

The 3333-300 is well crafted, both in and out. AMK’s air flow modifications, namely the three fan in- and outtakes, have no jagged edges and use chrome grills to protect your fingers. The front bezel, as mentioned earlier, utilizes a plastic hydraulic door covering the three 5.25” and two 3.5” drive bays. The opening motion is very fluent, and I immediately fell in love it. However, there is no reverse operation, so you must manually left the cover back into place, using the finger groove. After handling the case, I noticed that fingerprints and smudges become very apparent on the black finish. This may be annoying to the neat freaks among us, but a nice wipe down with a damp cloth easily removes them.


There is more than enough room inside the case to work with, and there are no rough edges to cut yourself on. In the past I’ve had issues with my aging Abit BX6 motherboard’s monstrous size. I was unable to mount a CD-ROM drive in the lowest 5.25” drive bay because the BX6 would not allow me to insert the drive all the way. Fortunately, this is the first case I’ve owned where this is no longer an issue, as the drive bays are positioned higher up in the case, meaning BX6 will not obstruct the CD-ROM drive.

Motherboard installation was especially easy, a result of the removable motherboard tray. In my eyes, a motherboard tray is an accessibility essential. Drives use the traditional mounting method, of sliding and screwing. I have no gripes in terms of hardware installation whatsoever.

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