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AMK Services 3333-300 Computer Case (Page 3/3)

Posted: May 22, 2001
Written by: Chris Burek
ERP: $199.99 CDN (approx. $127.93 USD)
Available from AMK


With four 80mm fans, you’ve got serious cooling ability should you purchase a 3333-300.

AMK ships this model with four high quality Sunon fans. Positioned vertically on the left panel are two 80mm intake fan, flushing air over your PCI/AGP cards, and one 80mm fan providing exhaust, housed at the top of the case. The stock fan is located at the front of the case, sucking air through the bezel. A stock 60mm fan mount on the back of the case gives you the option of adding a second exhaust fan on your own. This cooling setup is very similar to that of AMK’s 292-333 which I last reviewed, and which I found to be extremely effective in providing good air circulation within the case. Of course, these four Sunon fans plus the power supply fan expels quite a lot of noise.


Although I claimed AMK’s 292-333 case to be my favourite case because of its cooling, features, and design, the 3333-300 has now succeeded it. With a sleek and sexy design and black finish, excellent accessibility and spacious interior, and superb cooling power, I highly recommend AMK’s 3333-300 case to anyone looking for a new case. AMK also offers the same case with more or less cooling power, for those of you with more or less money to spend.

After two years, the wait for this case was worth it.

Excellent Cooling
Appealing design and black finish
Hydraulic Drive Cover
Spacious Interior
Removable Motherboard Tray

Bezel is a hassle to remove
Fingerprints are very apparent on black finish
Power supply quality is questionable

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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