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AMK's 292-333 Case (Page 2/4)

Posted: February 14, 2001
Written by: Chris Burek
ESP: $149.99 CDN (~$100 US) from AMK Services


Another notable feature of the 292-xxxx is its ability to convert from a tower case to a functional desktop unit, by making minor modifications to the drive bays.

Who said desktop PCs were extinct?

The model we received, 292-3333, includes a 300-watt power supply, three custom fan holes (complete with chrome grills) and four Sunon 80mm fans. It houses three 5.25" and three 3.5" drive bays, and retails for $149.99 CDN (about $100 USD).

The fan setup is as follows:
  • (1) 80mm exhaust fan on the top of the case (commonly referred to as a blowhole).
  • (2) 80mm intake fans positioned vertically on the left panel.
  • (1) 80mm intake fan situated in the front.

The above image shows that the fan in the front of the case is actually on a slant, which helps the air blow up towards the motherboard and video card, etc. (Some images courtesy of PC Extremes and AMK).

That adds up to a total of five fans, including the power supply fan. Of course, five fans equals a very noisy case. I found myself at times, distracted by how loud the unit actually is. It should grow on you after a while, though.

There's also a spot reserved for another 80mm fan (not included) at the back of the case, which could be put to good use as a second exhaust port. This is part of the stock setup however, not a customisation by AMK.

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