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Review: AMD 850MHz Duron (Page 2/7)

Posted: January 13, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


The 850MHz Duron is the same as all previous Duron processors. The only thing that’s changed is the speed. Here’s a quick run-through of the most important specs.

0.18-micron process
25 million transistors
128K L1 cache, 64K full-speed L2 cache
Fully pipelined, superscalar floating point
100MHz DDR system bus (effectively 200MHz)
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1.6V operating core

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The Celeron in comparison has 32K L1 cache with 128K L2 cache, totaling 32K less in net cache. As for front side-bus speeds, the Celeron has moved to a nice 100MHz FSB but is single pumped, therefore still effectively 100MHz slower in that respect.

Because of its smaller die from the lack of larger L2 cache allotment, the Duron uses less power than its older, beefier brother, the Thunderbird Athlon.

Nice Box

AMD sent in a reference box for the 850MHz Duron so we decided you all might like to see what a “reference” system looks like. Here are some shots.

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It looks pretty neat and tidy, doesn’t it? This case is pretty decent and has some adequate cooling inside. It makes you wonder… if AMD stuffs its processor inside these reference boxes for benchmarking, do we have to go overboard with the cooling strategies that we aim for? Let’s take a look at the innards.

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