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Review: AMD 850MHz Duron (Page 3/7)

Posted: January 13, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

Inside the Box

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This is a pretty tidy system setup. There’s an intake fan at the front and one exhaust fan at the back plus the power supply fan -- negative pressured air means cooler air. You’re looking at a system with a Creative Labs’ GeForce2 Ultra card, an AMD 100Mbit network card, and a SoundBlaster Live! Value. The motherboard is a MSI K7T-Pro.

Let’s take a look at the CPU HSF that is NOT the original shipping one.

Forced Air

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This is a fan I took out of the Pentium 4 reference system Intel sent and slapped it on a CoolerMaster heatsink designed for the “Thunderbird” Athlon processors. Temperatures using this heatsink ranges from very low 30’s (Celsius) to mid 40’s. I figured this was pretty good cooling so I decided to try it out.

Do you notice something about the HSF combo in that picture though? I taped around the heatsink leaving the lower half open and the fan is set to suck air out of the heatsink. Using the tape/suck method, air is forced in from the base of the heatsink -- where it’s hottest -- and removed from the top -- because hot air rises.

Let’s take a look at the benchmark system

Benchmark System

AMD “Thunderbird” Athlon 850MHz (Socket A)
AMD Duron 850MHz (Socket A)

128MB Micron PC133 SDRAM Cas2
Creative Lab’s Annihilator2 Ultra with official Detonator 3 (6.31)
IBM GXP75 Ultra100 46GB HD
Windows 98 SE

SYSMark 2000
800x600 @ 16/32bpps
1024x768 @ 16/32bpps
1280x1024 @ 16/32bpps

Quake 3 Arena with Point Release (1.17)
Demo 1 & 2: High Quality

Unreal Tournament 4.32

Let’s get on to how this CPU scores.

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