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History of the x86 Processor (Page 5/10)

Posted: February 26, 2001
Written by: Dustin "TimmyC" Jones

Intel's Pentium III

1998: The mainstream Intel processor today is the Pentium III. The Pentium III features the usual: more cache, more MHz, more speed. It debuted at 450MHz and reached the coveted 1GHz. There are three different types of Pentium III as well: The standard, the E model, and the EB model. The E model differs by the lower 0.18 micron process, which reduces power consumption and heat. The EB model runs off the same specs as the E, but on a 133MHz bus. The P3 Xeon also followed suit.

Intel's Pentium III is still selling quite well.

2000: Later, Intel upgraded its low cost Celeron to a Celeron II. This small change had the Celeron II running on the Pentium III core and running at higher clock speeds. Unfortunately, it was still running on the 66MHz bus, until late 2000, when Intel released a 100MHz Celeron II 800.

Late 2000: Intel's latest and greatest (at least at the time of writing) is the creatively named Pentium IV. This generation of Intel now runs on a 400MHz bus (which is actually 100MHz piped x4) and ranges in speed from 1.3 to 1.5GHz at this time. Intel plans on changing the Pentium IV yet again, making this generation of P4 incompatible.

The P4 was released to heavy criticism.

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