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History of the x86 Processor (Page 6/10)

Posted: February 26, 2001
Written by: Dustin "TimmyC" Jones

AMD - Advanced Micro Devices

And now, AMD.

AMD hasn't been mainstream as long as Intel has, but its history is as impressive, as they took a completely different road than Intel to get to processor fame. AMD took the value route to gain popularity, which is a smart move, considering the fact that Intel had nearly a monopoly on the industry. It's interesting to note that AMD originally made CPUs for Intel, and only later decided to sell the chips on its own.

1982: One of the first processors released under the AMD name was the 286A. Released in 12 and 16MHz speeds, the 286A wasn't a ground-breaker, but it did have some nice features like EMS emulation and the ability to switch out of the Protected Mode, which the Intel 286 did not support.

AMD later released an average 486 processor, with nothing extraordinary about it; basically it was just a regular old 486.

I dig the Windows stamp.

The next big release from AMD was in the form of their AM5x86 processor. This 586 clone boasted a 133MHz speed by quadrupling the 33MHz bus speed. It was also packed with lots of nice features, like integrated power management.

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