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Shadow's Quake III Strategy Guide: The Setup (Page 2/3)

Posted: February 24, 2000
Written by: Shadow

Tools of Destruction (cont.)

Rodent Tweaking
Having a smooth, precise mouse can make the difference between a pretty red energy blast, and an extra frag. If you can't aim, then you can't shoot, if you can't shoot then you will die.

If you are currently using a serial mouse, switch off your computer right now, unplug the mouse and throw it out the window (actually I sell mine to my little brother J). Serial mice sample at some horrible rate, around 40Hz. This is generally below the frame rates on a good computer setup, making the movement seem jerky, even though everything else is fine.

Having a PS/2 or USB mouse is essential. PS/2 mice's refresh rate can be bumped up to 200Hz using a utility called PS/2 Rate Plus. Although you don't actually need 200Hz, it's quite a novelty to see how smooth your mouse movement is afterwards. A USB mouse is the way to go as they sample at 135Hz without any software adjustment. There are also USB mice that include extra features that ensure ultimate precision (like the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer).

Finally you must have a good surface for your precision-tweaked mouse to sit on. Try to avoid the cloth covered mouse pads, as most mouse balls slide on these. Instead the surface you want is a hard plastic type mouse pad. 3M sells a mouse pad called the "3M Precise Mousing Surface". If you can get one of these, then you are set. Another popular option (and a favorite among the Tweak3D staff) is Ratpadz mouse pads.

Basic Setup and Tactics

You can know every trick to the level there possibly is, but if you can't control yourself then you are nothing better than fish food. Here are the basic tactics that you need to know to stay alive.

Key Setup
This is not the key setup that I personally use, but it seems to be the most popular one out there:
[W] - Move Forward
[S] - Move Back
[A] - Step Left
[D] - Step Right
[SPACE] - Jump
[X] - Crouch
[Mouse1] - Shoot
[Mouse2] - Change Weapon
If you have a wheel mouse then you may want to use the wheel to change weapons. In most cases it is faster, easier, and more convenient than most button setups are.

By no means do you have to use this setup, in fact you should use whatever feels natural to you. The best Quake players out there make most of their moves on instinct, without even having to think about them. This comes with lots of practice, and a good key setup, so get it right from the start.

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