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Shadow's Quake III Strategy Guide: The Setup (Page 3/3)

Posted: February 24, 2000
Written by: Shadow

Basic Setup and Tactics (cont.)

This should be nothing new for anyone, forward, backward, turn left, turn right. Easy huh? Well that's not all. If you want to win in Q3 then you must know how to strafe (stepping left and right), this skill is essential for dodging rockets, plasma and the gibs from that guy you just fragged.

There are a multitude of controllers out there that claim to be the best for FPS games. Most of these can be ignored; it's hard to beat the keyboard mouse combination. For those who haven't heard of this setup it goes something like this:

The keyboard is used for your movement but not much else. Why? Well it's important that you never stop moving in Q3 - so why not use a whole hand for it? Some people go a step further by removing the turn left and right keys and just relying on the mouse for turning.
The mouse is used to look around, shoot; change weapons and possibly jump (depending on how many buttons your mouse has).
Bringing it all together is easy; just imagine that the keyboard is your 'legs' (I know, it sounds funny), so whatever you feed it is where you'll move. And then imagine that your mouse is your 'head' and remember that you will shoot and run in the direction you are looking.

Circle Strafing
Circle strafing is one of the most basic Deathmatch tactics to master. It involves running in a circle around your opponent whilst still keeping him perfectly centered, (and of course pounding the crap out of him):

Opponent Holding
Holding your opponent whilst you dodge his rockets is another essential skill. This involves holding your opponent in view, or better still - in your crosshair, whilst you move, jump strafe, duck etc. There are no tricks to mastery of this one, just practice.

Quake Hard

Well there you have it, the foundations, the basic building blocks of any Quake player. All you need to kick ass - well almost. The next guide will cover a detailed setup of sound hardware, advanced tactics, more tweaks and a complete strategy guide for Q3DM16. Until then - keep Quaking!!!

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