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How To Setup a LAN Party (Page 3/4)

Posted: August 10, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

Setting it All Up

Setting up the LAN is probably the hardest part of the whole party. Usually there will be at least a couple PCs that refuse to function properly or respond to the network. Troubleshooting is covered later in the guide.

Before you start the setup process, clear out a big space and if needed, bring tables in the room. Plan where people will be sitting and where the PCs will go. Make sure to consider the outlets and the space needed for mousepads, keyboards, and monitors. PCs can sit on the ground.

Small room? Yeah, but that's okay. We can squeeze some PCs into there...

After setting up the table we realized only three monitors would fit with enough room to have keyboards and mice. No problem! We moved a couple end tables and the cat's thing on the floor was used to hold a mouse pad. Now we had five PCs ready to go with seats for everyone.

Oh yeah, a TV helps too. When you're between games or having a break,
it's nice to have something else to watch (in this case, Mad TV).

When everything is in place, plug in all the PCs as you normally would and set the network up. Plug everyone into the hub and check out Network Neighborhood. Make sure your IPs are all in the same range and you're on the same workgroup (for simplicity). To do this, right click Network Neighborhood and choose Properties. Go into TCP/IP -> (Network Card Name Here) by selecting it and choosing Properties. Subnet Mask should be and the IP can be many different addresses, but we use -.52. That is to say, the first PC for example should have, and other PCs should have,, and so on, as long as they're unique for each PC. Workgroup can be changed in the Identification tab in Network Neighborhood's properties.

Behold: the mighty 8-port Intel switch!

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