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The Ten Most Addicting PC Games (Page 2/6)

Posted: December 6, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

#9: Starsiege Tribes

What is it? - Tribes combines a totally new style of action/combat with classic capture the flag. It features many innovations that up until it was released, were basically never seen in a shooter of this type. These innovations include vehicles, large futuristic bases, and the ability to buy all kinds of upgrades. It is sort of like Starship Troopers meets Team Fortress. No wait, it's not really like that... It's hard to explain! Tribes is a hit, and it certainly is addicting. The crowd out there playing Tribes today may not be quite as large as it once was, but its fans are true to the game. And judging from the turn-out at its E3 booth back in May, everyone is anticipating its super-sweet looking sequel.

Screenshot from Planet Starsiege.

The Verdict - Tribes can be found in stores for very cheap these days -- maybe even as low as $10. If you are ever in the mood for some decent online gaming that will certainly kill some time, check it out.

Download the Tribes demo here.

#8: Diablo (series)

What is it? - Diablo is an RPG/adventure game that's very similar to... Diablo! It seems like Diablo was among the most innovative of those click-and-kill RPG games that you remember so much, and I'm willing to bet it's probably the best selling. Diablo was a massive hit for Blizzard, and Diablo 2 is no let-down (by any means), as it still leads the charts. In almost every sales report I've seen since its release, it has grabbed the #1 spot for PC games. Diablo and Diablo II have given gamers something to keep them occupied for at least a lifetime. Gamers can build their characters up to whip the game's ass, or they can go online and whip someone else's ass, or they can join as a team to once again whip the computer's ass. Doesn't this sound fun? Once you've played through Diablo or Diablo II, it's very likely that you'll start playing through it again. The name says it all. Diablo. Anything relating to the devil has to be cool, right?

The Secret Cow Level. MOO!

The Verdict - If you are looking for a neat demonic game to fill the family with joy for the holidays, Diablo or Diablo II should definitely be considered.

Download the Diablo demo here.
There is no Diablo 2 demo at this time.

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