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The Ten Most Addicting PC Games (Page 3/6)

Posted: December 6, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

#7: Quake (series)

What is it? - You're kidding, right? Quake is the big daddy of first person shooters. This is id's evil gem, the one game that has basically given birth to hundreds of clones and wannabes. Remember, this is a list of the most addicting PC games, not the best. Quake is a damn good game. So is Quake 2, and Quake 3. But they aren't necessarily more addicting than some of the other games on this list...

We've probably all had our Quake playing moments. I remember playing Quake 2 for months when it first came out, despite the fact I had a lowly Cyrix PR166 processor and an S3 Virge video card. I even tried playing GLQuake on that same setup -- bad idea. By the time Quake 3 rolled around, I was lucky enough to have a much faster system so I could enjoy the game. Anyway, my Quake-addiction started when I began playing Quake 2 deathmatches. Yeah, I was a little late to the game... but I was addicted just like you probably were. ;)

Oh my! GLQuake on my Riva 128 back in 1998 (using the tweaks that basically started this site).

The Verdict - The Quake series is a legend. It's too bad Doom didn't make this list. It was close, but I thought Quake was more addicting. If you can find Quake in stores, buy it. I believe it's very hard to find, as I haven't seen a copy in stores for quite some time. Quake 2 is more common and is pretty darn cheap. Quake 3 is of course, everywhere right now... and goes for about $30-$40US.

Quake demo
Quake 2 demo (downloaded 3.4 million times from!)
Quake 3 Arena demo

#6: Starcraft

What is it? - Starcraft (which I almost included with Warcraft) has made an enormous impact on the world of real time strategy. Choose your species: Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. Fight! The depth of Starcraft is simply put, "insane". Sure there are only a small number of units compared to some other games like Total Annilation, but with Starcraft, it's just perfect. No two games seem to ever be alike, and with large online games, things only get more interesting. People have given up years of their lives to Starcraft. Last I heard, it was going to become an Olympic event.

Finally, a RTS where your characters don't get stuck against walls!

The Verdict - This is one of the better RTS out there. Many would argue it's the best... but is it the most addicting? Well, I don't know. As you'll see in the next couple pages, other games do compare. Either way, Starcraft is well worth the (usually slim) pricetag.

Download the Starcraft demo here.

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