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Windows ME Tweak Guide (Page 2/4)

Posted: September 28, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

System Restore Continued...

If you plan on using System Restore as it was intended, you are going to first want to go into the System applet (Performance Section - File System) and choose how much of the hard disk you are going to allow the program to use for System Restore. There is a Min/Max slider that changes values depending on the size of your hard drive. Since this setting eats up a LOT of space on your hard drive, I would recommend setting this far to the left - however, if you have lots of extra space and want to allocate more space to it, go ahead. Be forewarned, however, this program tends to quickly start to eat up extra space and if you only have a few hundred MB's left on the partition WinMe (where the restore directory is located) is installed on, you may find yourself running short on space.

If you want to remove System restore from your system (as much as possible at this point - as I find more out about it hopefully I'll be able to explain how to fully remove it from the system), first set that aforementioned slider all the way to the left and restart the computer. This reduces the leftover footprint of system restore (there is a relatively large one). Then go back into the system applet performance section, select the troubleshooting tab, and use the checkbox to disable system restore. Once you've restarted the computer, System Restore should be disabled.

Sounds and Other Short Order Tweaks

This is one of those tweaks that almost everyone does after awhile because having a sound every time you click on the mouse gets extremely annoying. However, the process is oh so slightly different. Now, instead of having a separate Sounds applet in the Control Panel, it is included in the Multimedia applet (duly renamed Sounds and Multimedia…). Just go into the Sounds section and select "No Sounds" from the drop-down menu like before, click apply, and there you go - presto chango no sounds.

To speed things up a bit when you are working with windows, go into the Display applet and go over to the effects tab. Under visual effects, disable everything except "Show icons using all possible colors." This will speed up menus, moving windows around, and a few other things as well.

Automatic Updates

WindowsUpdate (or at least its derivative, Automatic Updates) has founds its way into the Control Panel. You can use the Automatic Updates applet to determine whether or not you want the computer to dynamically check for and download updates for your computer. There are three possible settings for this - "Automatically download updates and notify me when they are ready to be installed"; "Notify me before downloading any updates and notify me again before they are ready to be installed"; and "Turn off automatic updating, I will update my computer manually." Unless you are pretty lazy and don't care to check WindowsUpdate for your system updates, I would recommend choosing the third option - which should speed your computer up a bit (it won't periodically check for updates).

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