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Windows 2000 Modem Tweak Guide [Page 2/4]

Posted: March 12, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Bugs! Continued...

The first, as you might know if you have previous experience with NT, takes a LONG time -- it's painstakingly slow, which is probably why Microsoft opted to keep the Win9x code base for its next consumer OS. So unless you aren't comfortable screwing around with your modem settings, I don't recommend going this route. It is MUCH easier to simply reinstall your modem drivers. The following steps go for installing a new modem as well:

- Go into Phone and Modem options in the Control Panel
- Click on the Modems Tab
- Uninstall existing modem driver (should say not present in the Attached To section)
- Click on the Add button and let the computer automatically install your modem

Pretty easy huh? You will need to go back through and quickly re-instate any settings you may have changed to the modem (including your Initialization String -- I keep it in a text document on my desktop for easy access if I have to reinstall) before connecting to the net. It won't break your Dial Up Connection link though, so you don't need to mess with that.

Modem Options

There are three sections of the Control Panel you need to tweak to get optimal performance out of your modem, and the first one is the Phone and Modem Options applet. Go into the applet and head to the Modems tab. From within there, select your modem and click on the properties button. You will probably notice that the modem properties in Win2K is pretty Spartan -- well, they've just moved some things around. On the General Tab, set the Maximum port speed to 115200 or higher (if you have connection stability or compatibility problems, set it back down to 115200).

The only other tweak you can do from within this mini-applet is adding an initialization string to your modem. You will probably need to write one of your own. To do that, you will need to grab your modem's white papers from the manufacturer. You may also be able to find a working modem initialization string from

Network and Dial-up Connections

A great number of the current modem tweaks from within Win2000 reside within the Network and Dial-up Connections tab. Select your dial-up connection icon, right click on it, and choose properties. On the general tab, click the Configure button. Set the Maximum speed to 115200, and select all of the check boxes under the hardware features. If you are more interested in ping times then you are in overall speed (ex: You play a lot of Quake III), de-select the modem compression box.

Under the options tab, the only thing that should be selected is the display progress while connecting. Under the networking tab, you actually have some real work to do. Follow these steps:

- Click on the settings button and enable all three tick-boxes, unless you are more interested in ping times, in which case you are going to want to disable software compression.
- In the components section, disable everything except TCP/IP.
- Click on the properties button and set these settings up as you ISP suggests, and then hit the Advanced button. - Enable PPP header compression under the General tab unless you are looking for better ping times and not overall Internet performance.
- Under the WINS tab, disable LMHOSTS lookup

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