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Vampire: The Masquerade Tweak Guide (Page 2/4)

Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Game Options

The first set of configurable options within Vampire is the game options. In this section there are two settings, no blood and subtitles. The first setting, no blood, obviously disables 'blood' splattering everywhere in the game. Disabling the blood in the game will give a slight performance increase, but seeing as this is a game about vampires and the like, it wouldn't be very realistic without the blood, would it? The second option, subtitles, simply subtitles all of the in game (and in engine) cutscenes. Enabling this will help you be able to understand what the characters are saying, and unless you are on a very low-end system it won't cause a problem (mainly because it is only active during times when you have no control over the game).

Control Options

In the control options, you wouldn't think there would be many things to tweak, but because all of the AI stuff for the game is in there, there is quite a bit you can mess with. The first thing to disable would be auto camera slewing. Not only is it annoying, it slows down the game by requiring the processor to calculate where the camera should be. The other stuff that can be tweaked is the Coterie (group) AI options. Disable as many of the things in there as you find convenient. The fewer things you have enabled the less CPU overhead the AI requires. Personally the only thing I have enabled is the Auto Cast healing setting - simply because I hate it when my guys die when they could have healed themselves. The only time I turn the other functions on is when I'm jumping into a big battle and want them to use all of their blood powers.

Basic Display Options

Under the basic display options (you will note an advanced options button at the bottom of the screen - more on that later), you have a couple of important choices. The first choice you have is resolution and color depth. 32-bit color looks better but it has a big performance hit on the game so I would recommend using 16-bit color. As for resolution, because there is no timedemo in this game, this is going to depend on feel. If you don't feel like the game is choppy, and you are satisfied with the resolution, then you are good. However, if the characters look blocky or the camera feels choppy, you may need to change the game's resolution.

The brightness setting in the game can be very useful if things are too dark to see for the most part, but I wouldn't overuse the setting - putting it up to high will ruin the textures and you might very well lose a great deal of the game's 'feel'. The only other thing in the basic display options I would recommend changing would be the detail level - set it to custom and move on into the advanced options section.

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