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Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide (Page 1/4)

Posted: May 7, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan


It’s been a while since we posted up a tweak guide that was game specific – and for good reason – we thought that getting your overall system into tip-top shape (no matter what your operating system) was more important than focusing in on our first true love – gaming. But we have seen the error in our ways and will once again be covering both topics as fully as possible – no longer will you feel the need to email us with game specific questions because we haven’t gotten around to tweaking a particular game yet – well, at least that’s the idea. Anyhow, we decided to kick up an Unreal Tournament tweak guide to start this new trend off – mainly because we should have done it quite a while ago.

Unreal Tournament is set up much like its older brother Unreal in several, very important ways, which makes it easier to tweak than many games (I’ve already done much of the research). Of course, the fact that Dan did a tweak guide on it for an early beta helps as well. Just for your information, this guide was written with the 413 build in mind (latest revision as of the end of April ‘00) and I do not guarantee that any of these tweaks will work with any earlier or later releases.

System Preparation

There are a couple of things that you should do before you continue on and tweak the actual game itself, and they are as follows:

- Drivers, drivers, drivers… this can’t be reiterated enough. If you haven’t downloaded the latest (stable, non-beta) drivers for your hardware then you are doing yourself a disservice. Go do it – now!
- Patches/Updates are almost as important as drivers – make sure you have downloaded the latest patch for Unreal Tournament (in this case 413). This is important because updates generally bring bug fixes, new features, and better performance.
- Clean up your system too! If you haven’t gone through all of our general system tweak guides, you can tweak the game out all you want but you won’t be getting optimum performance.

Video Driver

Video drivers are a big issue with Unreal Tournament. Much like Unreal, the game is optimized for Glide – so if you are running on a Voodoo2 or Voodoo3 you are golden – go for Glide and you are off. I haven’t tested it, but their Glide support is so much better than the D3D or OGL support that even with a Glide wrapper, Glide could very well be faster than plain D3D.

However, if you are running a non-Glide video card (GeForce owners, etc…), you’ve got some choosing to do. As far as I was able to tell, the D3D support was much more mature than the OpenGL support. However, because I am running on a Voodoo3, that could have a lot to do with my drivers. Either way though, I would probably recommend D3D because most of the current video cards have more mature D3D drivers than OGL drivers.

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