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Ford Taurus Tweak Guide

Posted: April 1, 2001
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

Stage III - Stickers

It was obvious what was still missing from our car. Yes, it had an exhaust tip. Yes, it had a 3 liter engine (remember, like F1 cars). But something wasn't right.

Then we realized what the problem was -- we didn't have any stickers! Every time I see a racecar on TV, it has stickers. This HAD to be the missing link.

When you don't have stickers, make them.

We were at my house and unfortunately, the stickers left over from modding my Mustang and Talon were nowhere to be found. I didn't stick them on my cars ... they were just... gone! So instead we cut up an old skateboarding sticker I found in my garage. From this, we decided, we could get some good stickers made. I remembered reading "TypeR" on a Dodge Neon, and a Honda Civic and Accord in the same day. I figured it meant "Type Racing", which is exactly what our car was. We deserved to be racecar drivers just as our high-performance Neon/Civic/Accord brothers. So...

After some crafty safety-scissor work...

Then I remembered where all my stickers were kept. I had safely hidden them in my closet for such an occasion. I rushed inside and brought a handful of stickers out. First up...

Summit Racing. Now, if only I had a "FEAR THIS" sticker.

We next added a K&N and STP sticker, followed by another Summit sticker.

Now it's getting fast.

We added a B&M sticker (they make shifters). This car has an automatic transmission but since it has a 3 liter it needs a B&M Ripper Shifter. Then we added an Edelbrock sticker to the side. Realizing the car was only an LX, I brought up to my mechanic buddies that Ford offered an "SHO" model, with a super-high output Yamahama-mama engine. It wasn't offered until 1989, but the only difference was obviously a sticker, so we closed that gap, too.

W00! SHO power!

Then we decided that if we had an SHO, people would just say, "Oh another SHO" ... well we see everything from Hyundais to Camaros with big "R"s on them, so why not make it a little bit fancier?

Now it's a super l33t SHO-R.

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