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Tweaking Your PC: Getting the Last Mile Out of Your Hardware Part 1 of 4 (Page 1/4)

Posted: September 21, 1999
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Originally Printed in PC Gamer's Ultimate Hardware Bible, an Imagine Media Publication. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.


Well guys, I know you've been waiting a while, but finally, here is the article I wrote for PC Gamer. I have chosen to split it up into four separate articles...once you read it, you will understand. This article is not verbatim to the article that was published - so don't expect this to be a replacement for the printed edition.

Also, I am not going to include any of the pictures that went along with the original article - it would mess up the formatting. And one last note - some things in this article do not necessarily agree with the information found in some of the tweak guides. Compare dates (this article was originally written in late April) and take the newer information. Enjoy!


Warning! Contents are fast and may cause severe whiplash! No, not fast when high (although it really wouldn't mind), not fast while electrically charged (umm... isn't a computer powered by electricity?), and definitely not fast when thrown out of the rear of a speeding car (technicalities, I swear), it's just fast! Get the picture? Good, I'm glad.

It feels like it was only yesterday that you shelled out a fat chunk of money for that state-of-the-art computer system, and now it's having trouble running your favorite games and applications. Well, not anymore! Computer tweaking is the process of optimizing your hardware and operating system to run at peak efficiency, effectively giving that state-of-the-art computer system a drink from the stream of eternal youth. While the average lifespan of a computer system is about a year and a half (the time in which it is capable of running everything on the market), using these tweaks on your system can extend its lifespan by six months or more.

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