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No One Lives Forever (NOLF) Tweak Guide (Page 5/5)

Posted: December 12, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

In-Game Special Effects (cont.)

In the Special Effects option, you can change in-game special effects like weather patterns, explosions and bullet shells.

The Tracers option toggles weapon tracers on and off. You may want to disable this if weapon rendering is already slowing down your game. Weapons are one of the things in games that really affect speed. Next up is Shell castings which are bullet shells that fly out of your gun while you mow down a bunch of goons.

Muzzle Flash lighting pertains to the flashes of light that comes out when youíre firing guns like machine guns. These lights are dynamic, and affect the surrounding environment, so you may want to disable this if your game is running slow. However, this should not affect the game too much since the flashes only last for split seconds and arenít alpha blended with the scenery. Related to weapons is the Weapon impacts option. These are indications and marks left on walls and objects when you shoot them. Too many of these actually bog down the game, so you might want to lower the setting. You can choose from Low, Medium or High. Youíll likely be moving around a lot and wonít be looking back at past bullet holes, so I recommend going Low or Medium for best performance.

No One Lives Forever takes you to the outdoors for action along with lots of indoor activity. While youíre outdoors, you will eventually come across bad weather. Effects like rain also take a toll on rendering. The Weather effects option sets really nice moods, and really enhances the game quality, so I recommend leaving it on. If youíre really pressed for speed, disable it.

Lastly, you have your Debris effects, which includes particles that are broken when you shoot at walls or boxes, etc. Turn these effects off if youíre finding that your game is struggling when youíre in a major firefight and things are flying all over the place.


Fox Interactive has done a great job with No One Lives Forever. Itís definitely one of the most enjoyable games of the year, and if you havenít gotten your grubby little hands on it yet, I highly recommend that you run out and purchase a copy. Whether youíre a first person shooter lover or an adventure veteren, youíll enjoy NOLF.

This game takes a powerful system to run with all settings enabled. For those of you who have a GeForce 256, Rage 128, Voodoo3, G400 and Savage based cards, I recommend you turn down the settings following the points in this guide. A strong processor is also needed, and I recommend one thatís above 500MHz. I did see NOLF run on a Pentium II 266MHz with a Voodoo5, but everything was turned down.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me here or visit me in channel #tweak3d on any Undernet server, IRC. I hope this guide has given you an idea of what you need to run No One Lives Forever and how the game options will affect your gaming experience. No one lives forever, and you only have one life to live, so get this game and enjoy. Remember to come back!

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