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Midtown Madness Tweak Guide (Page 4/4)

Updated: September 19, 1999
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

Additional Tweaks

Here are a few additional tips to help you boost performance:

Close all other programs when running Midtown Madness. The game takes a lot of memory to run smoothly.

Play in the cockpit view instead of the external view for a slight performance boost.

Lower the Traffic and Pedestrian Density by clicking the Change button at the Races menu.

Follow other Tweak3D tweak guides to ensure the rest of your system is running smoothly.

If your system is giving you problems with Midtown Madness, make sure your latest video drivers are installed and your desktop is set to 16-bit color (or higher in some cases).

If your resolution is stuck at 640x480 or lower (or some other value), you can fix this quite easily. Make sure you don't choose a resolution that your monitor and/or video card does not support though. Edit the video.cfg file in notepad. (or just choose Start, Run, and type "notepad C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness\video.cfg". Hit F3 on the keyboard. Search for "320". You should find a few matches. Assuming you are not going to use 320x200, change EVERY entry that says 320 200 to 800 600 (or the resolution you want). I recommend you try one of these resolutions: 800 600, 1024 768, 1280 1024, 1600 1200. Now, save changes in notepad and start Midtown Madness. You can now access the resolution you entered from the dropdown box under Options -> Graphic Options -> Resolution.

Note that this fix doesn't work with all systems, and it's usually not even required. Installing the latest reference drivers usually fixes the problem. This is especially true with TNT/TNT2 based cards.


Hopefully these tweaks will help you boost performance in Midtown Madness. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, send them in! Thanks for reading.

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