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Midtown Madness Tweak Guide (Page 2/4)

Updated: September 19, 1999
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

More Visual Tweaks

Shadows: The Shadows option allows you to disable or enable shadows on either no objects (None), Vehicles only, Vehicles and Props, or Vehicles, Props, and Skidmarks. I recommend leaving the shadows on for Vehicles only for a slight performance boost on most systems, or set to None for very slow systems. As with many of the other options, set this to Vehicles and Props if your game runs fine for an even higher detail level. If you want all of the detail possible, choose Vehicles, Props, and Skidmarks.

Cloud Shadows: This will toggle the Cloud Shadows, which look like great spots of darkness moving across the ground. I personally disable this option to ensure a high frame rate at a high resolution. Disabling this will certainly boost performance.

Textured sky: If you don't care for a detailed background and sky, disable this option for a large performance increase.

Vehicle reflections: I recommend disabling vehicle reflections only if you're in desperate need of performance. The reflections are the lighting effects you see on all other cars and your own. Disabling will make the cars look flat instead of glossy.

Hide pedestrians: Don't check this box only if you want the pedestrians to hang around. Check this box for a performance boost. Pedestrians don't effect or interact with the game at all: they only gobble up performance. And no, you cannot run over people in Midtown Madness.

Interlaced rendering: This option is only available if you are using a Software renderer. Enabling this option will boost performance a great deal because only every other line will be rendered. The result is a weird display that some people may not be able to tolerate.

Best texture filter: Enabling this will select the best texture filter that your video card supports. For most 3D cards this is trilinear filtering. Enabling will not hurt performance and will improve the visual quality a lot, especially in distant objects. If this leads to problems, try enabling trilinear filtering in your Windows display settings or MIP-mapping, if the option is available.

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