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Motocross Madness 2 Tweak Guide (Page 2/4)

Posted: July 22, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy


Unless you're very low on hard drive space, make sure you did a typical installation for MCM2. This game takes a while to load and if it has to access the CD-ROM during loading of levels (rather than just the hard drive), it will load even slower. So if you chose to do a minimum installation, consider reinstalling MCM2 with a typical installation.

Sound Tweaks

Before we talk about tweaks for video, let us cover sound and memory tweaks. Start up Motocross Madness 2. Click the gears (third icon down) at the main menu to enter the Options menu. From here, head straight to the "Sound" tab.

-User interface sounds - This isn't really a performance tweak, but it will toggle the sounds in the menu navigation. It will make it so "beeps" and "blips" are not heard while navigating through the various menus of MCM2. It has no effect in-game.

-In-game Sound Effects - If you lack speakers, a sound card, or just don't want to hear the sound, uncheck this box for a performance boost and to save some memory.

-Use 3-D Sound Hardware - If you turn this feature on, it uses hardware accelerated sound. In most cases this leads to slightly degraded performance, but it increases audio quality. Leave this unchecked if you have a poor speaker set, need performance, or you just don't care about the sound.

-Use EAX Extensions - If your sound card supports this feature (many new sound cards do, including the Sound Blaster Live!), enable it to have very neat environmental audio such as reverb. On some systems, this may lead to poor audio quality and on most systems, severely degraded performance. This also takes more memory in some cases. Disable for performance.

-Waypoint Confirmation - This will not affect performance, but it's more of a preference. If enabled, the game will make a sound indicating that you have successfully cleared a gate.

-Quality - If you use a high-end sound card in a high-end PC with a lot of memory, you can use 16-bit sound with basically no performance hit. However, if you don't have much memory (e.g. your hard drive reads frequently during gameplay) or you've got a slow PC, 8-bit sound will improve performance and free some memory. It doesn't sound much worse than 16-bit either.

Graphics Tweaks

Click the Graphics tab inside the Options menu of MCM2. Ignore all the settings on the screen unless you know that your system is either fast enough to have them all the way up or slow enough so that you'll need them completely down. These settings can all be tweaked within the game (see below).

Click the "Advanced..." button at the bottom of this menu to bring up the Advanced Options menu.

Under "Emergency Repair Features", there are a few options which can help fix problems.

-Force textures to fit in video memory - This technique will allocate video memory for the textures automatically. In most cases this will speed up the game, but visual quality may be slightly degraded.

-Terrain Detail - This option will default to the technique best supported by your video card. If MCM2 is being displayed wrong or it is crashing, etc., try setting this to a different method. If you are sure your video card supports single pass multitexturing, set this to single for best performance.

-Current 3-D Renderer Selection - Set this to your primary 3D graphics card. Afterward you can uncheck the box, disabling the feature that prompts you to select a video card to use with the game every time you start it.

-Graphics Quality - This option can be tweaked in-game, so unless you are certain of how your video card will perform, skip this option and continue reading.

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