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Peripheral Vision - Tweaking Your Inputs (Page 4/4)

Posted: October 1, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

More Camera Crap...

Depending on your camera, you may be able to do any number of these things. If you can only take still pictures with your camera, you probably have a normal, digital camera. If you've got a nice digital camera, it will be able to double as a digital 'webcam' that will be able to pump FMV (full motion video) over the Internet. If you've got a digital video camera, it's either a plain webcam, or possibly a very nice (and expensive) camera that uses special tape and can do everything mentioned earlier. Either way, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

- If you can, use USB or some other high bandwidth connection. Serial just doesn't cut it, even for plain digital cameras - its just way too slow. If you can - upgrade.
- Download the newest client software/drivers for the camera you have - I know, I mentioned this in general a bit earlier but it is extremely important for these kinds of devices.
- Internally, to each camera, there are settings which you can either change using the on-board system setup programs or computer programs that are included along with the camera - using these to find the settings that give you the best image quality is a must. The problem is that it's different for every camera - so I can't give you any tips on that.

The fastest and most reliable way to improve the visual quality of these cameras, other than changing the output quality, is to clean the lens of the camera. I know, this seems elementary, but you'd be surprised how many people forget to clean the camera lens and as such have blurrier than necessary output by their cameras.

Other Input Devices

Input devices, by and large, are extremely diverse and some have very specialized uses. They range from touchpads - such as those used in laptops - to specialized modelers for 3D animation systems. I can't even begin to touch on them all - but I assure you, any peripheral that you have in your arsenal can be tweaked and tuned in some way, shape, or form. You just have to look.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you tweak out your system inputs and helped you get the best possible performance. Peripheral devices are tricky in that, because they are used differently by each individual, they need to be especially tweaked and tuned for each person. If you are looking for more information about tweaking out specific peripherals, we do have a Mouse Tweak Guide for your enjoyment.

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