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Hard Drive / Memory Tweak Guide (Page 5/6)

Posted: February 11, 2001
Written by: Dustin "TimmyC" Jones

Read Ahead

Windows supports a neat little feature called Read Ahead. Read Ahead tries to predict what files will be called next while loading a program. Now, this is a good idea on paper, but unfortunately, Windows sets this value to 64k, which makes it a tad useless, considering the massive size of files that most modern programs are using. However, you can change it by going through the registry.

Open up Regedit (Start, Run, "regedit" (hit OK)) and navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem]. From there you should see a setting that says ReadAheadThreshold. If you don't have it, no worries; just download this small .reg file (unzip it, and then simply double click the readahead.reg file) and it will merge the correct value in for you.

To create it manually, right click in the key window and select new binary value. Type in ReadAheadThreshold (Case sensitive). Now, right click on that setting and select "modify". You should see a dialogue box similar to the below picture, except empty. Now just add 00 00 20 00 into it and click OK.

Also, keep in mind that one of the best ways to keep your system running smoothly is to limit the programs and device drivers upon bootup. I strongly recommend that you take a look at the system startup guide and other tweak guides here at T3D to learn how to maximize your free memory on startup. Every bit of memory saved in the beginning counts in the long run!

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