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Posted: August 30, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

More Sound Options...

Environmental Effects - If you own a Soundblaster Live card, this will enable the EAX extensions within the game. If you want to have 3D sound enabled, but you want the game to run a little bit faster and don't mind losing some of the atmospheric sounds, this is the setting to disable.

3D Bias - If you aren't sitting equidistant between your left and right speakers and you are using 3D audio, adjusting this to the left or the right can make it seem like you are sitting in the 'sweet spot' - it isn't quite the same but it's better than nothing.

NPC Speech - This setting controls what you see and hear when a major NPC speaks. The three different options you have here are Audio only, Text only, and Text and Audio. If you are having lag problems when you are speaking to the main NPCs and the sound is stuttering, I would recommend setting this to text only mode. Otherwise, my personal preference is combined text and audio.

Video Settings

This is the second set of settings that can be adjusted to increase in-game performance. Here's a rundown:

Lighting Quality - This setting controls the 'quality' of the lighting within the game (hence the name). The lower the quality, the less of a gradient and the blockier the lighting appears. There are three possible values for this setting; low, medium, and high. High quality lighting looks the best, and low quality lighting looks the worst. I personally prefer the high setting because it looks better, but if you are looking for some extra speed setting this down to medium or low won't take much from the game and will give you a little speed boost.

Blended Shadows - This setting goes hand in hand with the Lighting Quality setting in that it controls how the shadows look and whether or not they blend with the light sources (a more natural look) or if they are hard and fake looking. I personally leave this enabled (it's an on/off kind of thing) but once again, by disabling it you can get a bit of a speed boost.

Perspective - This setting is an absolute abomination - all it does is warp the screen in the center to make the game 'look' like it's 3D even if it isn't. Only enable this setting if you like playing a game that looks like it's being projected through a crystal ball - I don't, so I leave it off. Turning it on gives a slight performance hit as well, so think of it as a double treat to disable this crappiest of crappy 'features.'

Automap Settings

This is the last list of settings that have any effect whatsoever on the speed of the game - however, these settings also have the least effect of any of the settings, so if you are having a problem with the speed of the automap just leave it off unless you need it - that's the best way to go. Here's the info anyway though...

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