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Posted: July 2, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Advanced Options Continued...

- Rendering - there are four main subsections here that should be tweaked - you should only tweak the one that you are currently using for Deus Ex.

o 3dfx Glide Support - Make sure that the DisableVsync setting is set to true and that your refresh rate is set to how you like it. The default, 60 Hz, is way too low - you should have it set to at least 75 if your monitor supports it at that resolution.
o Direct3D Support - You should pretty much have everything enabled under Direct3D rendering if you aren't having any speed problems. The notable exceptions to this would be Use3dfx and UseVsync. You should only have Use3dfx set to true if you are running a Voodoo3 in D3D mode and you should never have UseVsync enabled unless you are having large tearing issues. If you are having speed problems at your chosen resolution, you should disable the following features in order: UseTrilinear, DetailTextures, Volumetric Lighting, ShinySurfaces, HighDetailActors. If that still doesn't help, you can also try disabling some of the other settings - just make sure you take note of which.
o OpenGL Support - I wouldn't recommend using OpenGL for your renderer in Deus Ex, but if you choose to do so anyway I would recommend disabling VolumetricLighting, ShinySurfaces, HighDetailActors, DetailTextures, and Coronas to start out. If you find that the speed of the game is acceptable, start enabling one at a time until the game gets too 'choppy' to play. Hopefully, however, this will not be an issue if you are running on a newer card such as a GeForce 2 GTS.
o Software Rendering - If you are one of the unlucky few that must use the software renderer (which I didn't even mention earlier in the guide because it is so infrequently used nowadays), you probably aren't going for much in the way of visual quality. To improve the speed of the software renderer, make sure that the game is set to 32 bit color and then go ahead and enable LowResTextureSmooth and FastTranslucency. Everything else should be disabled. If you find that the game is more than fast enough, go in and enable some other features - perhaps moving up to HighResTextureSmooth and VolumetricLighting.

Game Updates

If you have tried everything else and you are still having trouble with the game, you could check out the game's website to see if there is a game patch or workaround available for your problem. Game patches, however, have the slight chance of invalidating your saved games - so you will want to check on that beforehand - it can be very annoying to install a patch and then realize you've got to start the entire game over again.


Well, there you have it - the Deus Ex tweak guide. Hopefully you will find this guide useful in your quest to get Deus Ex running the way it was envisioned. It is quite curious that the people over at Ion Storm chose the UT engine over some of the other available engines at the time that are better suited for a single player game (Deus Ex has no multiplayer functions at this time whatsoever). Perhaps they will add such features at a later date (I seriously doubt it though). As always, feel free to email me with any comments or questions you have about this guide.

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