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Posted: July 2, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan


Deus Ex - the game that everyone is raving about. They are raving about the graphics, the gameplay, and the storyline. The only problem is that people are also raving about how badly it runs on their system. This game is a resource hog, just like any other Unreal engine game. Maybe you thought that they would have fixed this by now - but they haven't. However, that doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do about it - as a matter of fact, there is plenty you can do about it, and I plan on educating you on it right here.


This game has a very interesting, but very Unreal-like, setup program that allows you to choose which of the extra components you want to have installed to the hard disk. First and foremost, to improve performance, I would recommend installing the Game Content to the hard drive - this will not only save on level load time, but it should also cut into some of the lag it is possible to run into in the game. For even more performance, loading the game maps to the hard drive should improve load times and system speed as well. Installing speech to the hard drive might speed up the system slightly, but it isn't nearly as significant as the other two installation options - only install that if you've got the space to spare.


As with every game, Deus Ex performs best under the most recent stable driver version available from the manufacturer of your gaming hardware. The two most important pieces of hardware to have new drivers for are the video card and the sound card. The video card drivers obviously speed up the 3D rendering, but the sound card drivers frequently take some of the strain off of the processor - freeing it up for more important things such as AI calculations. At the same time, DirectX 7.0a is included along with the game - if you have an earlier version of DirectX installed, it is advisable to install these drivers as well if you plan on running in DirectX mode (which is preferred unless you have a 3dfx video card.

Rendering Device

Before you actually get to go into the game and start, you are given the choice of rendering devices. For the most part, there are three different options most people will have to choose from - DirectX, OpenGL, and Glide. If you have glide available to you, use it - it is much faster than the other two options. However, if you aren't running a Glide-compatible video card, it would be advisable for you to choose DirectX over OpenGL. DirectX is much faster and I think you will find it is less buggy than the OpenGL implementation in Deus Ex. Would someone go over to Epic and whoop up on them for being lazy asses and not getting any of their non-proprietary rendering engines up to speed? I'd appreciate it.

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