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System Startup Tweak Guide (Page 4/5)

Updated: September 20, 1999
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

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TweakUI is one of my personal favorite programs because it does so much, and requires so little effort. Download TweakUI here, and install it. Once you have it installed, choose Start, Settings, and then Control Panel. Double click the TweakUI icon, and begin tweaking. The first tab will give you options to change your mouse / menu speeds. Click the General tab at the top for a wealth of valuable options.

The "Effects" section allows you to choose which components to activate. Some of these take a lot of CPU and memory resources, so only enable those features which you feel are necessary. The more you enable, the more CPU power and memory resources you will lose. The only options I have enabled are Smooth scrolling, Beep on errors, and Menu underlines.

The Explorer and IE4 tabs offer many other tweaks that you can experiment with. As before, you can right click any option and choose "What's This?" for a brief description. There are still many other menus which can be accessed. Use the small arrow buttons to move the tabs over to see more. One tab I would pay close attention to is the Boot tab.

Here you have a few others options. Again, you have the option to disable scandisk. Enabling the splash screen may result in a longer boot time. I would leave "Start GUI Automatically" enabled, and "Function keys available" enabled.

In the Control Panel tab, you can tell Windows which Control Panel applets you actually want to load. Remember - this doesn't delete the applets, it only removes the shortcut. If you need to re-add a shortcut to an applet, enter TweakUI and do so in this tab.

In the Network tab, you can set your login name and password to be automatically entered. This is not recommended however because Windows will not encrypt the password, so anyone with access to your registry and a little knowledge can give you a really bad day.

Under the New tab, you can choose to remove some of those pesky right click -> new items. Now.. if only we could add to these easily...

The Add/Remove programs tab is handy because you can remove programs from this list, even if they failed to uninstall. I remove any programs that failed to uninstall properly or programs that I know I won't be uninstalling for a long time (like ICQ, MS Office, etc.)

The Repair tab fixes errors that you may have had in Windows. Check it out for more info. Finally, the Paranoia tab lets you hide all your dirty work so people won't know what you've been doing. Also, there is another cool feature here... you can disable the automatic play feature on audio and data CDs. If you play Unreal, you know why. =)

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