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System Startup Tweak Guide (Page 5/5)

Updated: September 20, 1999
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

Third Step - More Ideas

After completing the steps I mentioned before, you will certainly see a decrease in boot time and an increase in overall performance. Your system will be running excellent upon startup. However, sometimes that's just not good enough. Here are a few other recommendations:

Add more ram! Adding more ram to a system with Windows will not only decrease boot times, it will also decrease hard drive access and therefore boost overall system performance. Your system will remain smooth longer and have to reboot less often.

Get Tweaked! Check out Keith's Windows Cleanup Tweak Guide and his Windows Shell Tweak Guide. These two guides will also help boost system performance and overall stability. Also, check out the rest of our tweak guides for more hints to boost performance.

Defragment your hard drive! Sure it sounds simple and obvious... but many people forget to defrag their hard drive. You can defrag your drive by choosing Start, Run, and typing defrag. (then hit enter)


With a little work, you can make Windows boot faster, and run smoother, simply by choosing what is loaded when the system starts up. I hope this guide has been informative and helpful. Good luck with your tweaking, and make sure to share your results!

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