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Posted: April 21th, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


Itís been a long time since a really good game hit store shelves and frankly, I was getting tired of waiting. Thankfully, I wonít have to wait any longer. One of the best games of the year is now on store shelves and if youíre anything like me, youíll want your hands on it.

Of course, Iím talking about Black and White, a well-designed game that brings flavor to an otherwise bland market. Carefully blending genres like a chef does herbs and spices, Lionhead Studios has cooked up a game that combines real-time strategy, Sim-City building style, and adventure playing all in one tight package. Sure, there are games that have all those elements and more, but Black and White stands above the rest as the one game that has them all in spades.

Basically in Black and White you play a god. Youíre one of the many gods that exist in the Black and White universe and you hear a cry from humans down on earth and go to their rescue. Doing so, they now worship you as their god and you have to do your best not to let them down. You can be an evil devil and send them to their doom but, donít do that. From there, youíll get to pick a creature that the people will use to represent you. At first, the creature isnít very powerful at all and needs to be trained. One day, after enough training, your creature will become powerful and youíll be able to fight other gods.

I can take this tweak guide into a full-fledged review but I wonít. There are plenty of reviews out there about Black and White, and from what Iíve seen, itís definitely a game worth checking out. There are a lot of miniscule details in Black and White that I just canít explain and my belief is that no reiew can really describe how one would feel about a game unless one plays it. This article however, assumes that you already own Black and White and want to tweak it for optimum performance or maximum eye candy. So without further impediment, letís move on.

System Specifications

Black and White is one of the newest 3D accelerated games out and consequently, demands that you have capable hardware. Although the minimum specs are relatively low by todayís standards, youíll need much more than a ď8MB 3D acceleratorĒ to enjoy Black and White in all its splendors.

The following are the official Black and White minimum system requirements:

350MHz Pentium 2 processor,
600MB free HD space,
8MB PCI 3D accelerator,
DX7 sound card,
and a 4X CD-ROM drive.

Realistically speaking, hereís what youíll want to even begin to enjoy playing Black and White:

600MHz Pentium 3 or Athlon processor,
128MB RAM,
1GB free HD space (Windows swaps a lot),
32MB GeForce256 SDR/DDR or 3dfx AGP Voodoo5 5500,
DX7 PCI sound card,
And a 12X CD-ROM drive.
If you havenít upgraded your computer in two or more years, it might be time to consider upgrading if you want to take advantage of what the latest games have to offer. If youíre PCís just around a year old, donít sweat it.

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