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Xoxide LL Warrior Review & Contest

Posted: April 29th, 2003
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods


What once was a dull off-white steel shell for what most of us lust over on a daily basis has become something of an object of desire. Of course, I am romanticizing the geek's attraction towards the PC. Where we once only cared about performance and the speed and quality of internal components, we as PC enthusiasts are now focusing on the appearance of the case. No longer is the case considered an afterthought when purchasing components, now it is in many instances the first priority.

With that said, more and more companies are offering pre-modded cases for those that would prefer to spend their time in front of the monitor duking it out rather than behind a Dremmel tool cutting out holes for 80mm fans. At a cost that can sometimes be prohibitive, websites offer a myriad of pre-modded selections. From LED enhanced case fans, to water cooling you can get just about anything you want for a case, without having to cut a single hole, or solder a single LED in place.

One such website,, pronounced "ex-oxide", is a relatively new company offer a huge selection of supplies for the "Do-It-Yourselfer" (DYI), as well as several pre-modded cases. Along with supplying the case for this review, Xoxide is also sponsoring a contest in which you, the reader can win this case! Well, not this case, a brand new one that Xoxide will ship directly to you. To win, you'll need to send an email to with the correct answer to two questions, which can be found at the end of this review. The winner will be chosen at random from the correctly answered emails we receive. So, you want a killer pre-modded $214.00 aluminum case? Then read on and pay attention, there will be a quiz.

Let's take a look at the Xoxide LLWarrior, a modified aluminum Lian Li case.

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