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Xoxide LL Warrior Review & Contest

Posted: April 29th, 2003
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods

More Modifications

The other two modifications are the inclusion of the three (one 120mm, and two 80mm) blue LED fans, for which the case had to be cut. The case comes with three additional 80mm fans, two which mount to the front of the case for intake, and one that mounts to the case directly above the CPU for exhaust. Each fan has a second Molex connector, which allows you to daisy chain the fans together or powers a drive. This is a nice feature, especially considering that the case has 8 3 " bays.

Two 80mm Blue LED case fans mounted to the side, below the window.

You can put a lot of drives in this bad boy. Here also lies a problem: The two 80mm fans mounted to the case below the window will not light up if you plug them into Molex connectors marked "fan only", though the fans will spin. Here's a quick tip when building a new PC: Most new power supplies come with several Molex connectors for just this purpose (fan only), so make sure you count the connectors before you start slamming drives and extra fans into this or any case. It's just good to be prepared.

120mm Blue LED fan mounted into the case top.

Looking at the grills, you can see that the one to the right is just a tad off center. The top grill also shows the same off-center grill placement. I would guess that this isn't by design, but possibly due to a rush job, or inexperienced tech. Other than these two discrepancies, which are only slightly noticeable, the modifications look very good.

All lit up, and no one to frag.

The case normally comes with three 80mm fans, but I asked for the 120mm fan hoping it would be slightly brighter. After turning the case on and seeing it lit up, I'd say that the 80mm fans do as good a job, and they are a LOT quieter. That 120mm case fan sounds like a blow dryer; in fact, you can hear the case in my living room, some 30 feet away. The important thing to remember is that the case comes with 6 fans total. Add the CPU and GPU fans and you're going to hear it anyway, it just surprises me how loud that single 120mm fan is.

You'll notice the UV sensitive round IDE cables, which were also supplied by Xoxide, along with a cold-cathode UV light that I didn't install. I'll cover the cables and the light in another review, so you will see them soon. That's it for the modifications. Let's take a look at some of the other features of this case, as well as some of the strengths and weaknesses I found while installing the motherboard and drives.

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