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Soyo P4I Fire Dragon

Posted: April 9th, 2002
Written by: Tuan Huynh

Features Continued...

The Z-Box features something called “Mighty Bolt.” This feature allows you the lock the computer so it won’t boot up without the smart card installed. Pictured above is the smart card, as you may notice, the Might Bolt smart card is nothing more then a credit card sized piece of plastic with some flash memory on it used to store your password.

On top of the many integrated features, the Fire Dragon also features an impressive bundle. The Fire Dragon comes with 3 80 Conductor IDE cables for ATA66/100/133 operation, one floppy cable, a driver CD, a detailed manual, and an 8-in-1 software bonus pack. The software included in the Bonus pack includes Norton Ghost 2002 and Norton Antivirus 2002 which are both excellent programs.

As for the manual, it is very detailed and explains everything you need to know about the board from the hardware to the BIOS.


The Fire Dragon uses a typical Award BIOS which is found on the majority of main boards on the market with the exception of few. Rather then having a different sub menu for overclocking, ram settings, and disabling integrated peripherals; Soyo has merged it all under one menu called the Soyo “Combo Setup.”

In the Combo setup, you’ll have access to all your tweaking settings such as ram timings and overclocking options. For overclocking, the Fire Dragon allows you to adjust your FSB from 100-250 MHz in 1 MHz increments, VCORE adjustments up to 1.85 volts, AGP voltage adjustments up to 1.68, and memory voltage up to 2.68 volts. While the VCORE allows you to go up to 1.85 volts, the max the board will go is 1.65, this is a minor flaw, but it can be fixed in future BIOS revisions.

As for Ram settings, the Fire Dragon will allow you to change your typical ram settings such as CAS and RAS timings.

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