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PlexWriter 12X SCSI vs ATAPI Shootout (Page 3/7)

Posted: November 17, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

How BURN-Proof Works

BURN-Proof (Buffer Under RuN error Proof) is a technology developed by Sanyo Electric Co. to minimize buffer under-run errors. These errors occur when the data buffer on the CD writer is empty while the CD is being written. When the buffer reaches zero, itís called a buffer under-run, and the burn process is interrupted, rendering a CD useless.

With BURN-Proof technology, you reduce the chances of coming out with a bad CD. BP recoding enables the write head to detect where data was interrupted and continue burning right at that point.

Here are some pictures to describe what Iím talking about.


Left: Without BURN-Proof   Right: With BURN-Proof

BP will wait for the buffer to be filled with data again and once itís filled, the writing process continues where it left off. However, the data doesnít continue exactly where it left off. There is a extremely small um (micro meter) gap between the stop and the continuum. Sanyo's specs call for a gap of 45um and no larger. But Plextor has finely tuned its drive beyond the "one size fits all" spec for extra reliability. The data-gap will be completely corrected by error correction function. Therefore, The disc created by BURN-Proof can be handled as the usual recorded disc.

After starting to record, the CD-R/RW drive always monitors the status of the buffer by the inside micro-controller. When the drive judges, the Buffer Under-Run Error may happen and the drive will then pause and record the appropriate location according to the EFM pattern. While the record is in the pause position, the drive continues to receive the data from the host PC. It will then prepare to restart recording by accessing the previous recorded area. To restart recording, the drive compares the recorded data with the data in the buffer to enable the synchronizing of each data. The drive restarts recording when it detects the last recorded point. Because the micro-controller in the drive stores the area where the recording address paused it will control the status of the buffer and the servo. This allows the drive to restart the recording at the point of the initial pause so no data is lost.

You might be asking, ďisnít a gap going to cause an error?Ē Actually, no -- this is because every drive has data correction schemes, which fix minor errors when reading a disc. This is what will happen with a BURN-Proof disc. The drive will notice the gap, and will simply ignore it, and not include it in the data stream. Thus, you have a perfectly recorded disc.

We loaded up Unreal Tournament (CPU intensive game) while burning a CD at 12X with no problems. Everything went perfectly smooth. Weíll get to some numbers in a bit.

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