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NVIDIA Ultra TNT2 (Page 3/3)

Posted: April 18, 1999
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy
Estimated retail price: $199.99


The TNT2 offers performance that not even 3Dfx can stop. Instead of just having good framerates, the TNT2 offers the best features on the market. From 32-bit rendering without a major performance hit to AGP 4x support to incredible image quality, the TNT2 is a great product across the charts. If you're looking for a card to replace your current 2D/3D card, or you want to replace an old TNT, or even an old Voodoo2 SLI , there really is no alternative. The TNT2 is the finest video product to date.

[+] Good
  • You get Voodoo3 performance with TNT image quality and features
  • Play games at high resolutions with good performance
  • Supports every desired feature including 32-bit rendering, AGP 4X, and high resolution textures
  • Great 2D output, 32 MB SDRAM, and a 300 MHz RAMDAC
  • Excellent, stable OpenGL ICD
  • Has an onboard fan for active cooling
[-] Bad
  • It's not available yet (commercially)
  • It's a bit dark for some games...
  • 3DNow! support is questionable
Overall Rating: 9.6

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